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    Facebook and Google advertising account for Rent [telegram: @tunganh21]

    Hello !! All advertisers around the world I am a professional advertiser in VietnamI can advertise any product that needs to be advertised at extremely low cost, you can reach your potential customers instantly.Specifically, my side has an account invoice provided by the agent, so when you pay 100% of the advertising money to FB, but when setting up my account, it only fee 4X% discount for each account setting. .
    If you are interested in our service, we will kindly assist you to bring efficiency to your side.
    Contact us As soon as possible at ?
    Telegram: @tunganh21 ? and our best agent will explain everything you need.Thank YOU for reading! ?????
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    update pro

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    I used to try to develop my own activities. That is, to offer friends, to give someone your business card, to pass it to friends. Offer someone mutual PR and much more. Instagram and Facebook are getting more complicated, especially now, and it's getting tougher and tougher to get the ads. Sites are now tightening their policies, which is why users are not so successful in promoting their products. I earn money from various things, but I no longer take on advertising myself. I don't think it will be effective. Once I turned to ads manager to get everything done efficiently. The site uses targeting. And what method of advertising promotion are you in favor of? Sending out ads?

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