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    crypto trading

    I have invested in bitcoin, and I would like to learn about trading bitcoin to hopefully maximize both my current and future investments. Since i am completely new to the world of crypto I would appreciate it if more knowledgeable people have any good resources or tips to share.

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    Don't know how to trade bitcoin on a crypto exchange? You can do this yourself or through a broker. Usually, intermediaries are approached by those who do not have the time or experience (knowledge) to trade on their own. Commissions for various services of brokers can in aggregate up to 15% of income. The same amount or more (depending on the country) will cost the income tax. You also need to know how you can sell bitcoin for cash . For this method, you need to choose a cryptocurrency exchanger that works online and allows you to cash out bitcoins at the lowest cost.

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    I use crypto trading bot. it is the only automation bot as service, meaning it helps you do everything from hosting, interface, and of course automation. It can automatically execute a trade based on some triggers you’ve set up like buy a bit more if it has fallen some % since your last buy, also known as dca strategy.

    You just need to put in your settings. The fee is $49 per month plus there's a free version but limited to paper trading.
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