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    Learning at home

    As we all know nowadays are hard times for everyone.. I started studying from home because my parents won't let me in school. Can someone share some good and free learning resources which may be useful for study? Thanks

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    Learning is one of the important part of our life. We always have to Learn new things to grow good in life.There are lots of tools like edubirdie that helps us to get good knowlege and to help everyone with their services. These kinds of tools are best to get accuracy in work and to grow in the much better way. Recently I used one of the service that helped me to complete my task.

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    Is there a risk for children to miss a lot of information by studying at home? Can someone suggest a good Tutor Agency based on personal experience please.

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    There is a risk to miss a lot of information by studying at home but there are many supplementary details that you can get from having a home tutor for example...I can suggest you this agency to find a good one I have a young son, He's only 5, and children between the ages of 3 years to 12 years often find it difficult to understand subjects like Mathematics and Science. Since these are the formative this agency IB Tuition in Singapore is vital in setting a solid foundation.

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    wow, very nice

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    I'm homeschooling my kids so I might be able to help you with some resources. We're just doing some point of view worksheets today and I feel like it's a bit more of a relaxing day, they just have to tell their opinion on things and we then discuss it together. I'd say you search for sites that offer these types of worksheets, and at the same time, install some useful apps on their phones, so maybe instead of playing some useless games, they actually open this app and do something useful with their time.
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