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    Question Ender 3 V2 Colliding with printed layers


    I have just started printing miniatures on my stock Ender 3 V2. I have been trying to print this goose for the past couple of days and have had no success. Every time I print the model just after the legs are finished printing the nozzle starts to clip the top of the leg and make a small click sound and bend it as shown in the image. I am running 3DJake white ecoPLA 1.75mm with nozzle temp at 195-200 with the heated bed at a toasty 60 (temperatures are in Celsius). My print speed is set to 45 mm/s and I also have retraction enabled.

    I believe it is because my printer is over extruding and making ridges of excess material, which the printer nozzle can collide with. Is this the correct assumption and how would I go about fixing it??
    Also any tips and tricks to improving my prints overall would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for listening to my story.
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    Is the model warping of the print bed.??

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    Thanks for the reply,

    Quote Originally Posted by Gambo View Post
    Is the model warping of the print bed.??
    Nope its not warping off the bed at all I generally have good first layer adhesion on all my prints and occasionally I have had a little warping on other prints. I also print the goose on a raft to avoid elephants foot


    I have done a little more printing today and on bigger prints a couple of my corners sometimes warp.
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