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    Dotty Printing

    Hi Guys,After some advice, I am getting some strange results from my 3d printing, I can't seem to get smooth lines when printing, the bits that are laid down are adhering quite well but I get a stitched like profile. Can anyone shed some light. This is a print i have done in the past as a test / datum, tried adjust feeds and speeds, if i just extrude through nozzle filament flows smooth and seems consistent. Material is PLA.Thank you
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    Your posted image suggests under extrusion, Stepper slippage clogged nozzle ect...

    Post your slicers model settings

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    yep we need more information.
    well actullly we need SOME information :-)

    Those little phone stands are brilliant prints I've made a lot of them in the last couple years.

    The two things to try first is to slow the first layer down, up the temp (possibly unless it's already too hot).

    But without knowing what the printer is, what settings you are using, what filament, what's your favourite chocolate bar etc - we can't offer any advice :-)

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