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    Quote Originally Posted by Gambo View Post
    here is an example this was made of PET-G and is 75mm overall and 12mm high wall thickness 2mm at base tapering to 0.8mm at cutting edge used 5.5grm and about 30min build time.Attachment 15981
    This looks absolutely awesome! I believe that your success with your printer is also because you know what you are doing and probably you did a lot of experiments so far to be able to figure out all the settings.

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    well if it's going in your living room - you might want silent stepper drivers.

    I used my delta for the first time in a while yesterday - wow, once you've got used to a machine running with the tmc 2200 silent steppers, the noise a machine without then makes is quite impressive.

    Davinci don't have that good a reputation, so I'd personally avoid them.

    the up boxes - don't know a lot about them, but going by my usual criteria. I can't recall a single negative thread here either. So that's a definite plus.

    The monoprice voxel is actually a rebadged flashforge adventurer 3.
    Decent machines.

    The up is expensive for what it is. The es seems identical apart from am ethernet port, which you probably won't use.
    And at over £200 less I'd - personally - be inclined to go for the voxel.
    It actually gets better reviews than the up on amazon.

    The up is pretty reticent on the finer details of the specifications.
    It claims you can print polycarbonate - but nowhere can I find anything that says it has a 300c hotend. which is pretty necessary.

    Also the minimum layer height of 0.15 mm is a bit odd. I don't own a machine that can't do 0.1mm
    So that suggets that the mechanics are lacking somewhere.

    Also it's a closed system - so looks like you have to buy their own brand filament - no doubt the reels are chipped.
    That's why you have the fancy spool box.

    So on balance I'd go for the voxel or adventurer 3. Sometimes the adventuere is cheaper than the voxel and they are the same machine.

    ps. further digging around the net reveals that the up mini 2 is now over 5 years old.
    The price was justified at the time of release - but now ? way to expensive.
    That also account for the poor layer height, it's obviously using outdated electronics.
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    Thanks for the very useful and great comments and suggestions!

    I went ahead and also checked some other machines but the FlashForge portfolio definitely looks interesting.

    The FlashForge Creator Pro 2 looks very promising. Especially the IDEX system is very interesting. Just could not find many topics about it, especially if I can change the nozzle to have a smaller one.

    I also come across some other printers like the AnyCubic 4Max Pro 2.0 and the Qidi Tech X-Pro which is also very promising. Need to check all of these. It is a bit hard to tell which one has good print quality.

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    They will ALL have good print quality.
    these days that's pretty much a given.

    Some will produce results at a slower print speed, but generally quality isn't really a major issue with a decent machine.

    qidi have an excellent reputation and are quality machines.
    As - on the whole - are flashforge.

    Okay so what should you be looking for ?

    If you are planning on printing with polycarbonate at any point then a 300c hotend is essential. Yes - technically - you can print it with a standard 260c hotend. But it's not ideal and it will burn your ptfe tube out really quickly.

    IDEX - idex is the best way to do dual extrusion.
    It means two printheads, each moving independently.

    Huh, had no idea flashforge had launched another idex machine.

    Good price too.
    It doesn't have high temp hotends - so you're still 'limited' to a max 240c print temp.
    However that would include the right kind of nylon with carbon fibre stiffening.
    So realistically, it's not a huge loss.
    If you can stand the stink and calculate the shrinkage properly, it should even do abs well.

    The flashforge creator series are mosty based on the original makerbot replicator design (as are most of the qidi machines).
    It's the most copied design in 3d printing history for a reason.
    The printers are not fast. But they are solid and unflinching workhorses.
    And there's always a chance that flashforge will release a hi-tenp set of extruders.
    They have for most of their other mid to top end machines.

    So on balance, yeah the creator pro 2 would be an excellent machine for you.

    Looking at the extruder, changing the nozzle is a standard: heat nozzle, unload filament, unscrew old nozzle, screw in new nozzle, reload filament - operation.
    They look like standard brass nozzles that can be had for very little money indeed.

    The print volume might not look very big, but you'd be surprised at just what you can fit on there. The 9 inch width really makes a difference.

    Alas i don't currently have an idex machine. Just standard dual extruders.
    Pretty sure if i did have idex, I'd do a LOT more dual material prints. But with standard dual extrusion, it's more of a hassle than it's worth.

    So thanks for giving me the heads up on the machine, and go for it :-)

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    I believe experimenting with ABS or other materials would be nice. I am wondering how well these enclosures can protect the outside world from all the VOCs. As I would not happily sit next to a printer doing ABS if enclosure can't offer too much protection.

    As I can see the nozzle is kind of a standard - just learned that - it seems an MK10 type would be good for this machine.

    I believe there are so many other printers I have not even checked, but will definitely look around a bit more but this FlashForge looks the best option so far

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    hi tzn
    Just to say he samples I sent you were made on a completely unmodified Ender 3 pro !

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    Yes the samples are really great. I believe the Ender 3 would be a great machine. I am looking at the best option if it is possible to have some enclosures for that. I have seen those tent kind of things so that would be an option:

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    The Ender is about the cheapest printer around, and it has to be said that from threads on the forum Enders Quality assurance system is rubbish.The design also has a few places where the designers have cheapened the design and resulted in problems!! Having said that I have used one for a year for making prototype parts for our commercial scientific consultancy and have clocked up over 1000hours of printing. The Ender is a very very basic machine which encourages some people to modify it ( upgades!!!). I made an enclosure from 3mm Perspex which I had laser cut by a local firm and bolted together with brackets printed on the Ender. In brief not wonder full but serves it purpose.

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    Just look around the forum. pretty much every single day there are new: 'wjy won't my ender 3 work' posts.

    I know some people like banging their heads against a brick wall. so I'll leave you to it.

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