Operation of hot press sintering furnaceIn addition to the price of hot pressing sintering furnace, its operating procedures should also be firmly grasped. Many people have ignored this point. Today, we will make a specific explanation in this aspect, so that we can expand and deepen on the original basis, make ourselves more comfortable with hot pressing sintering furnace, and correctly use it in practice, so as to improve our work efficiency.1. Check whether the circuit and waterway are normal, such as normal power, water.2. Open the mechanical pump, slowly open the pre pumping valve after 30 seconds, and open the front valve after 1 minute.3. When the vacuum degree is below 10Pa, turn on the diffusion pump and heat it4. When the diffusion pump is heated to 60 minutes, close the pre pumping valve and open the high vacuum valve, the vacuum degree will gradually reach high vacuum.5. Heating start, below 200 degrees, please choose manual heating, in the manual operation menu of the control panel, pay attention to the first use, the dial button up and down fluctuation once, and then turn to the manual position, start heating, enter about 50, OK. The current is generally controlled below 300A.Vacuum Tempering FurnaceVacuum Brazing Furnaceindustrial vacuum pumps,vacuum furnaces