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    The easiest guide to use LED factory lights

    LED factory lamp consumption is one of the most optimal lighting methods to replace traditional factory lights. So what are the advantages of LED factory lighting? Why should I use it? Much will be answered by NC Lighting in the article below.

    1: why should we use LED factory lights?

    LED factory lights are lighting objects with the use of modern LED chip science, operating on the principle of semiconductors. The product is composed of 4 parts: LED chip, control circuit, radiator room and lampshade. Meanwhile, the consumption of LED factory lights will bring wide features as well as outstanding advantages compared to traditional lamps.

    Using LED factory lighting will not reduce power or light when the power system is under voltage.
    The durability of the lamp is high, the consumption time can be up to 50,000 hours, when the traditional lamp only has the highest lifespan of about 12,000 hours.

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    Lighting equipment does not emit ultraviolet rays, with uniform light does not create a glare
    The structure of vacuum glass is highly impact resistant to vibration, especially in mechanical processing workshops
    The lamp uses high-quality materials, so it does not contain any harmful chemicals or emit CO2 or H2S into the environment.
    Saving energy an outstanding method up to 60% compared with compact and incandescent models ...

    2: Which LED lights for factory models are low?

    2.1: LED factory Highbay UFO

    The product called a UFO is due to its characteristic design with the shape of a flying saucer, harmonious use of LED chip technology to provide a quality light source.

    Standard tightness and humidity, dust: IP65
    True lighting with a CRI color rendering index> 80
    The heat of the lamp emits a cheap environment that helps to avoid the greenhouse effect and indirectly reduce power consumption.

    2.2: LED long pillar factory

    With many outstanding strengths, this factory LED light is also being used relatively universally for different distribution facilities and factories.

    The luminaire uses a dimmer custom function to create the right illumination indicators. The light is evenly colored, spreading throughout the installation space.
    Sturdy models, even with shock or vibration, are less impacted
    Products that are close and safe to the environment as well as factory workers, because they do not emit CO2 gases.

    2..3: Metal factory LED

    Special appearance suitable for the lighting needs of a wide range of factories, ensuring to save energy consumption.

    The headlight is made of cast aluminum according to the predetermined mold and coated with an anti-corrosion oxide layer.
    Wide beam angle, soft light does not contain harmful substances such as mercury, lead.
    Chip Epistar / Philips, Source DONE / Meanwell input voltage range is 100-260V 50 ~ 60Hz

    3: Note when using LED factory lights

    Although LED factory lights are highly sought-after for their durability as well as longevity and illumination. Not only that, in the process of using the product to be used for a long time possessing the most stable light quality, it is necessary to pay attention to a couple of notes below:

    Practice the correct installation procedures, ensuring certainty is not pre-assembled.
    The lamp should not be installed in a wet or wet place without protection
    Do not use any chemicals to clean or sanitize the lamp
    Check the voltage before consuming
    Using lights in an airtight place may shorten the life of the lamp
    minimizes direct eye contact. Although the advantage does not cause dazzling, that is only true if you do not look directly at the light. Otherwise, you will experience eye strain or dizziness.
    Surely through the article above, you can better understand the use of LED factory lights. For more information or to order products, please contact:
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