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    Looking for SLA printer recommendation

    So, I have already seen the post that links to an article from 2015.. Obviously that won't do me much good.
    I bought myself an Orange 10. That seems to have been a mistake. Although the printer itself works fine, I am having failed prints for the figures I am printing.
    First off, I am located in CANADA, and it seems like a lot of the printers are just not available here (At least without the pain of shipping and customs) I would like to purchase it from Amazon.
    I print D&D figurines mainly. I print them attached to the base. I would like something with a slightly larger build plate then the Orange 10, Ideally 66-70mm on the shortest side.
    Mono seems to be the new "thing" resulting in faster and more accurate prints, and longer screen life. So I am thinking a mono screen may be a good idea.
    I am not really sure if 4k is worth it to me to be honest. Those printers seem to be a lot more expensive, and I don't think I can justify the additional cost. Of course if I can get 4k for an extra $25 or $50 that may be worth it.
    Ideal budget of $300 Canadian. May be willing to push a bit more.

    So, I am curious to hear what you all have to say for a replacement. Am I asking for a Ferrari on a Toyota budget? Or is what I am asking reasonable? Is the orange 10 really that bad? Or am I just having really bad luck? It is worth the replacement, and what should I get?

    Look forward to hearing from you all.

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    Are you good at working with your hands? We can build our own sla printer just like we can build our own fdm printer. If you already have an fdm printer that is up and running you can make your own parts and land with a high quality machine that is custom tailored to your needs. There is plenty of info out there to get you going: DIY High Resolution 3D DLP Printer (3D SLA Printer) : 22 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables . Here is another link: 8 Cheapest DIY Resin (DLP/SLA) 3D Printers from $20 | All3DP

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    there is a thread from last week about a decent volume reasonably priced resin printer.

    Am I asking for a Ferrari on a Toyota budget?
    There's not much listed on - but the current best value for volume and quality is probably the qidi s-box

    You definitely need to up your budget.
    Have a look at the qidi s box:

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    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    The qidi box is bigger then I need.
    What about the Elego Mars 2 Mono? Seems to have a build size of 129mm x 80mm But the question is, what is the quality like? Will I get better quality with this printer over the orange? Will it actually print without all the freaking fails? The issue is, I have heard all over that even the presupported figures won't print properly on the orange 10. That just doesn't seem right.

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