LED headlights are gradually becoming a popular and popular lighting item today thanks to their outstanding universal ownership feature. In addition, not everyone knows how to properly use LED headlights as well as exploit all the features that the lights bring. The following article NC Lighting will guide you to use this type of light correctly.1: Why should use LED headlights in lightingLED headlight is one of the dedicated LED lines, bringing a super bright LED chip system for strong light intensity, long range. This lamp model owns a fairly pure structure, easy to install, including 3 main parts: LED chip, power supply and lamp cover.Thanks to its unique appearance, the lamp possesses an outstanding plus point in itself and has gradually been used to replace the traditional incandescent models. The following features are sure to make you satisfied with this type of LED headlights:Outstanding power saving is 60 times more than owning a conventional lamp and 30% more light.Highly durable, long lasting lamp life up to 50,000 hours equivalent to 7 years of use. 7 times more than fluorescent bulbs, compact bulbsThe power factor is high, reaching 0.97 while traditional bulbs are in the 0.1 to 0.5 rangeThe lamp protection level always reaches IP rating> 65Safe, non-toxic because LED headlights do not contain substances such as lead, mercury or emit CO2 gases, providing a pleasant bright space.>> See more:2: how to determine a good LED headlightBe a creative user to choose for yourself the right quality LED headlight lighting items. Therefore, NC Lighting will give a couple of tips for buyers to know how to identify branded lights and minimize fake products.Turn on the light, look directly at the light for about 5s when it can be dazzling but without eye pain, it is an affordable LED headlight.Cheap LED headlights will not generate heat at the base which is too common to turn on. So, if you touch the lamp base and feel hot in your hand, it is likely not a good lamp.See the light's CRI high color rendering modeLights must be on when turned on, not flicker.3: instructions for proper use of LED headlights3.1: Follow the steps to install the LED headlightsCheck the lights 1 meticulous secret.Make sure to interruptInstallation of high-voltage headlamp lighting for power supply before installation.To ensure the life of the lamp, it is necessary to minimize the use of lamps in environments with high corrosion.Drill two holes to attach screws to the surface you want to install, measure the distance by two holes in the mounting bar on the lamp.Place the ribs in the drill hole just prepared, then screw in.Next, connect the lamp power cord to the power sourceNeed to adjust the light direction according to your needs, then firmly lock the screws on both sides of the lampshade.3.2: troubleshoot and maintain the LED headlights periodicallyAlthough the LED headlights are highly durable, have undergone rigorous quality checks, but in the period of consumption, it is difficult to avoid errors and mistakes. In this case, the user needs to:Check that the lamp power cord is properly connected or has a correct power supplyAsk an expert to check the voltage on the circuit of the lampRegular cleaning makes the lights clean to ensure quality and produce the most affordable light. (Note: disconnect most of the power supply before servicing).Chemical solvents should not be used to clean the productAbove are a few guidelines for using LED headlights in the correct method that NC Lighting recommends for you. For more information or to order branded LED headlights, please contact:ELECTRICAL AND LIGHTING CO., LTD of Vietnam provinceTransaction office: No. 21, lane 27, lane 106 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi.HOTLINE: 0936 084 765Email: chieusangcaoap@gmail.com.Web: chieusangcaoap.com.Facebook: fanpage chieusangcaoap