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    Help with Initial Layers ?Overextrusion

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to 3D printing but have taken quite a bit of time so far to learn yet haven't been able to figure out this issue. The issue that I am having is after the first layer of printing there seems to be over extrusion / blobbing around the perimeter of the print but it doesn't seem to affect the middle or the actual walls of prints. It does resolve as time goes on. It is kind of hard to explain the issue so I've attached pictures. It seems pretty random too. I'll print the base of something, notice the issue, and try printing it again with the exact same settings and it will just happen in a different area of the print so it doesn't seem to be a bed levelling issue as it really isn't consistent and not in the same spots. The rest of the print is totally fine, but these flat areas end up being issues aesthetically. Like I said its only after the first layer on the next 2-4 layers, then the issue seems to resolve.

    I'm using hatchbox ABS 1.75 filament. I have levelled the bed a million times. I have calibrated the temperature with temperature towers currently printing at 230 and 80 on the bed. I have tried increasing and decreasing both independently and doesn't seem to make a difference. I have calibrated retraction and currently set to 6 and 45 mm based on stringing tower tests. I've calibrated the flow multiple times, averaged them, and currently its set to 84%. I've calibrated the E-steps multiple times as well. The fan I've tried at 100%, 50%, and off (as recommended for ABS).

    Everything is stock on the ender 3 just got it a month and a bit ago. Haven't tried other filament yet. Using Cura as a slicer and have tried varying settings in this too including "quality" anywhere from 0.2 to 0.12 mm.

    Please help! It is really getting frustrating and I can't seem to figure this out.

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    Looks like your filament has poor diameter consistency

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