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    Creality Ender 3 Pro - Poor Layer Adhesion after 30 Minutes

    As the title states, after about 30 minutes of print time (or at a certain layer height, not sure which) it begins to have serious problems where the layers don't stick together at all. The first few layers print ok (they stick together but you can easily see the individual layers). Adhesion to the bed is good. But once it gets more than a few layers up (possible when infill starts), it begins to not adhere properly to the earlier layers. This is a new problem, Ive printed a number of items previously before this started. I was having clogging issues previously, so I changed to the All Metal Hot End (and a fresh nozzle). I havent been able to get it to print right since changing the hot end.

    Im still relatively new at this so it could be an under-extrusion problem but Im really not sure. I have attached a picture of the print when I stopped it as well as a copy of the GCode it was printing from and the STL file before slicing it in Cura.

    Ender 3 Pro
    Capricorn Bowden Tube
    Micro Swiss All Metal Hot End (I was having clogging issues previously)
    Upgraded Bed Springs3 Point Leveling System
    Upgraded Main Board to silence stepper motors
    0.4 Nozzle

    I can post Cura settings if necessary too.
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    Check the temperature of the surrounding room you are printing in. If you don't have an enclosure around your printer, a cooler air temperature can cause your part to delaminate as you get further away from the bed (is your bed heated?)/

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