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    what are the benefits of massage?

    what are the benefits of massage?

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    Massage relaxes you, relieves you of pain, massage helps your immunity, relieves you of stress and contributes to mental healing, massage can reduce stress, improve your sleep quality, contribute to children's development and many other benefits very useful to the human body.

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    There are many different benefits to massage. For example, I now live in Paris and once a week I contact the SweetTouch salon to call an experienced masseuse to your house. After such a session, I feel much more cheerful, better and full of energy.

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    Shibari is the Japanese art of limiting the movement of the human body (shibari bondage) with ropes, which is determined by technical and aesthetic principles. The practice requires adherence to safety precautions, skill from the rigger and trust, the ability to relax from the model. Besides the technical aspect, the shibari has a sensual, aesthetic and erotic component. The usual tying tool is natural or synthetic shibari rope.

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