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    Question Dreamer Heater Bed Won't Stop heating...

    I have a Flashforge Dreamerthat’s developed a fault – I think I may have caused a short whilst the printerbed was heating (accidentally touched the +/-24 volt terminals with a scraper whilst live, and yes, I now realise that trying to clean the bed whilst it is heating is a BAD idea).

    The printer starts and runs fine, but if I turn on bed heating, it keepsheating and won’t stop at any set temperature. The temperature indication seemsto working fine – all the way to nearly 130 degrees! It just won’t stop heatingwhen it reaches the setpoint, so I can’t use it. I've checked all the connections, reformatted the internal TF card and can't see anything damaged/burn-out on the boards.

    I’m guessing I probably need to buy a replacement part, but I don’t knowwhether that’ll need to be a replacement bed heater, coreboard (connected for the bed temperature sensor) or driverboard (connected to the bed power supply)?

    Is there anyone who can advise me on which bit I've broken?

    Many thanks

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    It could be a problem with the power supply. Such as the temp control circuit gone south. Or even a mainboard problem. Tough call.
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