Let me first start off by saying "yes I am a nubbie to 3d printing"

I got my first 3D printer for this pass Christmas, a Ender 3 Pro.

Immediately I started my first of 4 successful prints, that came on the sd card (DOG, CAT, and so on). My nephew told me software that I would need to start print other projects to download from Thingiverse.

So I downloaded the Ultimaker Cura (slicing software) and started my first "MOD" printout such as a toolbox. and for some reason or another I started from this point on getting string affects on my print out, and now I am getting gapping lines.

I did get new filament that required a higher temp, I was printing the standard 200 but the filament I bought says 210 to 220. But ever since I just can't get it to print straight filling lines.


Not sure if the a user issue or a slicer issue.