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    Cheap structured light scanner - anyone backed this ?

    Looks good - is certainly cheap.
    under £250 for the scanner, turntable, led light source and phone holder.

    NB. the price goes up by about £40 when you add in p&P - so £263 rather than the £222 quoted on the pledge.
    That is pretty excessive.
    On the other hand many kickstarter projects have failed because the people involved did not factor in correct post and packing.
    So you can look on it as a positive sign that it might actually be delivered.

    It's a start up company on kickstarter - so I won't be joining in.
    But I have to admit, I am tempted.

    Has anyone here taken the plunge ?

    It does look like decent 3d scanners are finally becoming affordable for us poor people :-)

    But I'll wait till I can just buy one - like everything this is simply the first.
    If it's any good, there will soon be a dozen other chinese companies soon selling knock off scanners of the same design.

    But it does 'look' good :-)

    Am I too cynical ?
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    FWIW, looks good to me too.

    Price seems to have increased significantly since your post. Basic unit = £361 and full 'combo' with turntable and extras for iOS/Android mobile use = ~ £495.

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