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    Help to buy replacement hotend

    So i had a little clogging accident, and now i think i have to buy another hotend.I have a duplicator 9 400 m1 of just ordering replacement parts, and i am located in sweden so shipping outside the country i rather avoid to save money and time. Can i get any 24v hotend and make it fit, or would i have to change the extruder to fit different hot ends?these would hjave been the replacement parts. old hot end could get up to 300 c, i would like to keep that top if not even increase it.Both the thermistor and heating element is stuck in a block of plastic, i have been thinking of trying to free them with a soldering iron, is that worth a try?The thermistor will need soldering cause the cable broke, this is why i think i might have to buy new.So what hot end would work to this machine, here is one i am looking at. what would you do, i am open to spending maybe at most 80usd if i can get a much better printer head, or would be the old one be good enough?I have no idea why the heat crept so drastically, the hot end did not come with any ptef tubing, is this the cuase maybe?If i went to try to repair the old hot end, how to i remove the plastic, would heating up the block with a soldering iron be good or bad?So basically i am looking for advice of what to order, or if i can salvage the situation?

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    Hmm, looks like you didn't have it screwed in properly.

    Either that or the print detached and the filament just built up on the nozzle.. never had a loose nozzle, plenty clogged by a detached print - though, it has to be said - not recently :-)

    Personally I;d stick to the original wanhao parts - they generally use decent kit.

    And you'll not print anything over 300c without building a serious heated build volume first anway.

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