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    FlashForge Creator Pro 2 Benchy

    I just upgraded from a Malyan M150 to a FlashForge Creator Pro 2. PLA prints of the benchy work wonderfully, but I am new to ABS and need a little help. The first couple prints I ran showed shrinkage on the bottom 20 layers or so. I reduced the print bed temperature down to about 85 degrees, which appears to have solved that problem. The one problem I have not been able to resolve is curling on the front of the Benchy within that 20 layer or so area. I have tried both reducing and increasing hot end temperatures, printing a wall to reduce any possibility of draft (the printer is enclosed), and even tweaked some of the cooling settings to give each layer a propper time to cool between layers. Any ideas?

    Layer Height: .18mm
    Extruder Temp: 240
    Platform: 85
    Raft: Yes
    Cooling Fans: Off
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    well here's the catch 22 situation - to clean up your overhangs - you need active cooling.
    But because abs is such a bastard to print, cooling it will shrink it.

    My advice is to just not bother with abs - period.
    And don't bother with benchies either - total waste of plastic :-)

    But to fix your problem, you need to work out how much active cooling (fan power) you need to both improve overhangs and not cool the layer to the point of shrinkahe.
    Also try adjusting your retraction settings. Often blobs are more down to retractions than to cooling.

    But printing abs is always a crap shoot. The material is just not meant for the fdm process.
    There are numerous materials around now that are easier to use and have better properties.
    You might have to pay a little more - but you more than get the extra money back in non failed prints and better quality prints.

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