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    New to the forum and 3d printing.

    Hello all, I am new to this forum and new to 3d printing. My work ordered an Anycubic Photon and we will be receiving it next week. It will mainly be used to make replacement small mechanical parts for commercial flight simulators, knobs, panels and older instrument pieces that break and wear out over time. I am very experienced in the 3d modeling space but have never ventured into 3d printing. Im hoping to get good help here and will be sharing prints that I will be doing in the future.
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    well get in plenty of ppe :-)

    The resin is pretty toxic, so make sure you always wear gloves and that there is plenty ventilation as the fumes are unpleasant.
    Also be a good idea to have it on it's own table.

    You'll also need a lot Iso propyl alcohol for rinsing the freshly printed parts and a sourceof uv light to finish the curing process after washing.
    So all in all it'll need it's own workstation.

    Also ipa is extremely flammable - so you might want to check the busines insurance and make sure you're covered for it's use and storage, in case of any accidents.

    Not trying to scare you :-)
    Just making sure you're aware of what you've got yourself into and that you don't have unrealistic expectations of being able to print a part and use it straight away :-)

    resin parts are great and the printers make some stunning prints - but it's far from a hassle free process.
    And while you've got some time before it arrives, now is a good time to get the supplies in and get a decent workstation setup.

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