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    10cc of build space? Please help explain?

    Hi all.
    Someone has just offered me '10 cc of build plus DfAM assistance', please can someone help me with this, as in explain how small / big this is?

    Thank you in advance.

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    10cc? Maybe 10cm = 100mm
    About 4".

    Dfam? I have no idea.

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    10 cubic centimetres is 10x10x10cm
    so yeah 100x100x100mm
    It's not very big - but it does depend on the type of printer.
    Decent size for a resin machine but pretty small for fdm.

    the phrase:
    10 cc of build plus DfAM assistance
    Makes no actual sense. And I suspect it was originally written in chinese and then translated into swahili, then into portugese and finally into dutch and eventually english :-)

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