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    Need Help Printing this thing

    Hello all I am trying to print this skeleton from a swamp thing statue and I just cannot get it to print properly. It will fail on the foot or the arm. Its an odd shape and I hope someone will have some advise on how to get it to print properly. Here is the link to the print. My printer prints fairly well and its not my print settings just how this thing is shapped i think so any recommentations on how to position it or maybe on support or infill options would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Sorry I don't have any advice, but thanks for the link - cool website - I'm always looking for new models to print

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    you will need supports.. things can not print in mid air.. And I would expect it not to print very well in a FFF printer, maybe a resin printer. I can not download the model at this time but will try later and see what it looks like in S3d preview

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    You can try to separate/cut the figures into better manageable parts, print them an glue.

    curious aardvark
    Dual Extruder with soluble support filament.
    Try an find other models of the Swamp Thing.
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