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    3d printed space engine

    Hello! Recently I learned something interesting. It turns out that there is already a rocket engine printed on a 3D printer. And it passed the test. I think this is interesting news that can promote the popularity and efficiency of 3D printers. The guys from the Skyrora team succeeded. This could result in much less debris in orbit. I just wanted to share my thoughts and see if there is anyone else who knows about such successes?

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    Relativity Space is 3D printing entire rockets, including the engines.

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    Thank you for sharing) Despite the fact that the company you mentioned has a rather long history, I have not studied them that deeply. There will be a reason to learn more about them.But I was rather talking about something else. The company I'm talking about is young. And, as it seems to me, the capabilities of modern 3D printing allow them to develop very rapidly. And even get into the UK space news. Although they have only been working since 2017. So it seemed to me that it is very indicative of how it speeds up the process.Here it is

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