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    Quotes about 5-ball garden decoration lamps

    You are ou own a large garden and park space with modern and airy design. You are in need of a perfect lighting tournament, cot den san vuon 5 bong is one of the best options available. NC Lighting offers 5-ball garden decoration lamps. Features and structure of the 5-ball column like? All will be answered in the article below.
    1. Overview of 5-ball garden lighting poles
    1.1. Structure of 5-ball garden light poles

    Column body: 5-ball garden light pole manufactured on modern technology line, column body is cast in a vertical line. Therefore, it is guaranteed that there is no horizontal weld in the column body.
    Materials: Aluminum alloy or hot-dip galvanized stainless steel meets standards, so it is durable.
    Height from flange: 3.5m - 4mColor: Matte black / dark gray / blue
    Design: The 5-ball garden light pole is designed in many different styles.
    For example: Column DC05B, DC06, Column Banian, Pine, Nouvo or Arlequin column, ..
    Column base: The material that forms the base of the column is cast iron, with high bearing capacity.The column door is designed in the base of the pillar with a closed latch, ensuring safety during use.
    The column base is painted with powder coating, color required by customersDecorative chandelierThe decorative chandeliers part of the 5-ball garden lamp post have many different designs and designs, so customers can easily choose the right product for their project.Like the model DC05B, DC06, .., this model also has the same electrical panel design. At that time, garden lighting poles often use Aptomat to control the lights on and off, usually 1 pole or 2 pole Aptomat to provide effective light source.
    1.2. Advantages of 5-ball garden poles
    The 5-ball garden lamp with distinctive design, modern beauty and harmonious combination with the delicate and luxurious lines of the aluminum body has attracted many customers.
    Design is flexible, customers can choose the type of column, lamp sleeve, bulbProvides a stable light source for the installed spaceLighting pole has high safetyDurable, beat all the harsh weather, the product life can be up to 30-40 yearsReasonable product price, suitable for every family
    2. Consulting 5-ball garden lighting pole
    installation5-ball garden lampposts are highly appreciated and installed by many customers. However, to install properly to improve the durability of the product, not everyone knows.This light pole model is placed into the reinforced concrete foundation frame and fixed with screw bolts.
    Advice on choosing the column styleDepending on the requirements of each project, project and use purpose, customers can choose one of the column designs such as: DC05B, DC06, Banian, Pine, Nouvo.
    Advice on hand selection of chandeliers5-ball garden lamppost with special design, made of aluminum / horizontal materials, so it is suitable for many different styles of beam sleeve: CH09, Ruby, CH02, CH07, CH08, CH11, C12.
    Advice on choosing bulbsDepending on the column design, customers can choose the right size bulb for the column head.Besides, with this light pole model you should install a lamp with a capacity of 5-20W to ensure light.

    3. The popular 5-ball garden lamp post template
    3.1. Light pole decorative Banian 5-ball garden
    Cot to 5 org bubbles5-ball garden lamppostColumns are installed on the M16 foundation frame with a distance of 15-30m.
    This model is fitted with a variety of beams and decorative lights with different bulb capacities.Color: Dark gray, matte black, olive green or according to customer's request
    3.2. Decorative lamp post 5 ball Nouvo garden
    Constructed of high-pressure die-cast aluminum or hot-dip galvanized high-grade steel meeting ISO 9001-2008 quality standards.The column sample has a height of 3.7m from the flange and the outside dimension at the top of the column is 108mm.
    The column base is about 0.5m- 915m in size.The body of the column is designed as an aluminum tube in the shape of a plaid with decorative circle lines.Color: dim light, dark gray, green or according to customer's request.
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    Quotation of prestigious 5-ball garden decorative light polesDecorative lighting pole for 5-ball garden on the market today has many different prices, product prices depend on the supply address, design, size, height as well as the requirements of each customer.
    Therefore, to ensure to buy genuine quality lamps with reasonable prices, customers should find a reputable supply address.
    However, customers can refer to the price of 5-ball garden lanterns sold at NC Lighting ranging from: 2tr5 - 4tr5 depending on the material and height.
    NC Lighting is known as one of the leading lighting equipment suppliers in Vietnam, highly appreciated by many customers. With a staff of experienced staff and technicians who are always ready to advise and make quality products
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