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    Anycubic Chiron - Issue in only one place on print

    Hello,New on here and looking for some pointers. I have a new Anycubic Chiron which I think is great. Huge build volume and I'm already making some progress on my project. But...I have a particular artefact that I'm trying to resolve. On one specific area on the print I get the issue as per the pics. The rest of the print is excellent quality with no artefacts. I've tried a few different slicing adjustments in Cura but I get the same result in the same area. Does this look like the temp is too high/low or print speed or cooling issue? I'm not sure what to adjust next and don't want to just tweak at random. The settings are a large nozzle at 1mm and no infill as I need to fill the print with foam when done. I've tried various layer heights. Any advice very gratefully received. IMG20201202200739.jpgIMG20201202200835.jpgissue3.jpg
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    Hmm - I'd say the model itself is probably at fault.

    I can only see issues in the first picture. And given the angle of the print and how thin it looks. I'd say the print is thinner at that point than at the sdies - which also do not slope at the same angle.

    Slo lower the print temp slightly - say 5c and print it a bit slower and make sure that your print cooling duct fans are running at 100%.
    And maybe look at the model and make that area slightly thicker.

    Remember you can can always sand it back down to the correct thickness. So a thicker print that has no issues, with a little post production sanding, is generally a simple and quick option.

    get some foam sanding blocks - probably my most used post processing tool:

    NEVER use powered sanding tools on pla or abs 3d prints. They generate too much heat. hand saidnign with a sanding block works perfectly.
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    Hi Curious Aardvark,Many thanks for the advice. I'll try cooler and slower and also see what can be done to the model too. I've also made a smaller model just a bit larger than that problematic section so at least I don't have to print quite so much of the model to check for improvements!Appreciate your help!PS How do you get the message to keep the format you typed it in!? All the spaces and line feeds have gone!

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