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    3D printed music icons

    Hi everybody.I recently bought a 3D printer, my main job is to print music related products. One client asked me to print a music logo so that they could do the avatar. I'm not a music lover, so can someone give me a hint about this. Their company works on the theme of tonos de llamada gratis, so they wanted me to print out a logo that makes sense. This is quite difficult for people like me.
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    Your request is a bit ambiguous and needs much more detail. On a positive note, pun intended, it's an easy task to create an embossed 3D print using just about any modeling software along with a vector editor. Do you have preferences for any specific vector editor? Inkscape is free, multi-platform and has a few extensions of value for 3D printing. Adobe Illustrator is not free and can do the same, more or less.

    For your 3D modeling, same question: do you have a preferred program?

    Starting at the simplest level, Tinkercad is a web-based free program that will import an SVG file and extrude it to generate STL files to be printed. Think of a cookie cutter that starts as a drawing and has thicker lines than the cutting edges of a cookie cutter.

    Other programs can do similar tasks. Fusion 360 (free for hobbyists) is substantially more complex, as is OnShape, while OpenSCAD (free, multi-platform) is capable and is a text-based modeling description language that can provide similar extrusion capabilities.

    Reply with more info regarding your software choices and a hint or two regarding "the avatar" and we'll see where it goes.

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    yeah - 'cos basically the avatar would be better created with the actual 3d model - NOT with a part printed from the model. That's kind of ass backwards.

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    I think you can start by studying some music logos on the internet, which will give you an idea.

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    so basically a logo to represent free ringtones.

    Yeah, not difficult - but I don't work for free :-)

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    I have a free 3D music logo design idea on mobile.
    Find free ringtone songs for phones samsung, iphone, nokia, .... easily at website
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