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    Hardware needed for near silent 3d printer?

    I working on a 3d printer technology related project that requires it to be completely silent.
    As in, the X and Y need to be able to move as silently as possible, that it's basically inaudible from 6 feet away.
    I figured out the motors, I'll go with oversized outrunners and use an encoder, that should be near silent (I hope).
    But I'm not sure what kind of linear rails/bearings would be most suitable? I know anything ball bearing is out. But then I'm basically lost.
    Does anyone have good ideas? I do have a reasonable budget to spend on this and it needs to be absolutely dead silent

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    rubber v-wheels on aluminum extrusion perhaps? Maybe the higher quality polycarbonate(PC) V-wheels. They will deflect some under the heavier loads but because it is not metal on metal it will be more silent.

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