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    PSU (?) Problem with Anycubic i3 Mega

    Hello! My Anycubic i3 Mega died recently (briefly booted up, sparking sounds, went black; repeated this process looking inside revealed a red light being flashed on a motherboard chip, see anycubici3.jpg) and I've been wondering if any of you all could give me some advice on it.

    Here's the basic info I've been able to identify on the problem:
    Printer: Anycubic Mega i3 Power Supply Specs:
    --Input: 100-120V 60 Hz 200-220V 50 Hz
    --Output: 12V - 25A
    -Input Ports: Power within normal range (measured via multimeter)
    -Output Ports: Lacks Power (measured via multimeter)
    Fuse: Not blown
    Motherboard: Fully functioning* (*on USB power only)
    -Display Wires: Functional

    I've included a full description of the problem (fulldescription.txt) and a picture of my printer (anycubici3.jpg).
    It seems likely that the problem is either with the power supply unit (PSU) or something on the motherboard which is flipping some "safety switch" in the PSU. In regards to buying a new PSU (I'm past warranty), I need one within 1-2 weeks (so ordering from China isn't an option).

    I found 2 similar PSUs but one has a review saying it doesn't fit inside the Anycubic i3, and the other says it overheated their (unspecified model) printer.

    Any ideas as to where I can get a compatible PSU within 1-2 weeks (or other supplies if that isn't the problem)?

    Links to the amazon PSUs I referenced:
    Too Big:
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    WOW That was crazy, somehow I got into Edit mode on your post!!!

    Well the power supply you have has another fuse it is a thermal fuse.
    On the cover label of the power it states "Warning do not open electrical shock may occur"


    In the photo it is parallel the fuse labeled RT1
    This is a thermal fuse that will blow if when hot this will blow before the fuse.

    Measure the resistance across this if bad replace, however I found that after replacing other parts could be bad.
    Ended up Replacing Power Supply for less that the cost of repairing.

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