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    Question Problem with printing ABS on my Wanhao duplicator i3 plus

    When I bought my printer (about 4-5 months ago) I bought 1kg of PrimaValue PLA Black with it and it has been working fine. Resently I wanted to get inte printing with ABS since I wanted stronger parts. I thought my other fillament was fine so I went out and bought 1kg of PrimaValue ABS White and tried to print with it.I began with removing my old PLA with the inbuilt function and then adding the new fresh ABS, also with the inbuilt function. When addign fillament it goes up to 210 then you are supposed to put the fillament in, then you can feel it going down inte the hotend. I felt it going down but it won't extrude. If I push it, it comes out just fine. After I remove it again you could see heavy markings from the motor on the fillament. I don't know what to do after removing the ABS adn putting the PLA in it works just fine. But I can't seem to get ABS working, is it just a bad roll?

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    It may be just my printer - I always have to go hotter than recommended - but I can barely print PLA at 210.
    I use 235-250 for ABS.

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    I have tried everything from 230-250, no diffirence

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    ABS works between 235 and 255C. On my particular printer, I find 235 works best for me, with the brands of ABS I have tired.
    Good luck

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    ABS is more difficult to print as PLA. It needs from 235 to 250 C hotend, and 110C bed. It is warping very fast with draft, so less or no part cooling fan, and if possible put printer in enclosure.
    Go for PETG if you want stronger prints, you need also higher temperature (240 hotend/70 bed) I tried first Sunlu petg, and afterwards Esun petg. Esun seems better, nicer prints and no stringing.
    On top printed with red Sunlu,bottom Esun PETG (same gcode)verschil sunlu en esun petg.jpg

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