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    Resuming a stopped print

    Hello Wizards! I updated the firmware on my SKR Mini e3 v1.2 board and since sometimes my prints stop and the display has an error. The error reads something like it stopped to prevent over extrusion? Not sure, but the error is not why I am here. I stated a larger print and it did this last night. It stopped on the 10th layer. Is there a way to resume where it stopped?

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    Hmm, that is really strange. Fortunately, I have never had such problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruce_banner View Post
    Try this:Step 1: Stay Clear! move your nozzle clear of the print.Step 2: Fix You Extruder. if your extruder is clogged fix it now.Step 3: Find Z Height. carefully find the height your print failed at.Step 4: Fix G Code.Step 5: Upload G Code.Step 6: Prime Your Extruder.Step 7: Hit Print!Hope this helps.Regards,Bruce
    Thanks a lot ,it worked.

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