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    3D Printed RC car body

    Hi all,
    My first attempt on making 3D printed RC car body.

    Please don't mind the flaws: (was my first car project)1. Accidently made the door too thick making the windows awkward. (also had no access to vacuum former to properly shape the windows)2. Out of proportion, the actual Jetta proportion was different than the RC base I had, distorted the model to fit it on.3. Few other minor things I could've done.

    See it in action here:

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    Funny stuff, how long did it take?

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    Quote Originally Posted by silentpostpunk View Post
    Funny stuff, how long did it take?
    Not sure how long it took, probably I would guess about a week from designing to the end.
    Right now I am working on another car model which will be better than this one.. hopefully.

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