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    3D printing vintage cabinet hardware?

    We moved into a house earlier this year that was built in 1911. It has the original cabinets with half-mortise locks, but about half of those are missing the locks themselves. The locks are fairly basic: an L-shaped plate, the bolt that holds the door closed, a square hole where the post from the handle slots into, and a sliding plate attached to a spring to return the locking/unlocking mechanism back to its starting position when pressure is not applied to the handle.Is this something that a 3D printed part could replace? Would it be durable enough to withstand opening and closing? These particular half-mortise locks are proving impossible to find.

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    yep sounds like something perfectly printable and fairly easy to design and print.

    you could probably use a standard spring retunr plate as well.

    Pictures would help :-)

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    I'd like to chime in here, but I'm missing the big picture and probably the small ones too. Photographs are a great idea for something of this nature.

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