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    Ender 3 + Cura + 2 Color print = bad prints

    Hello. First post on this forum, hope I got the right section.
    So, I was trying to print 2 color print, base - white, drawing - black.

    So, I use Cura for slicing, I added post processing plugin - "pause at height", so I can change filament.
    The other part of print gets "smushy", seems like nozzle pushes in previous white print and sometimes it extrudes a lot of filament that drastically increases height of print.

    Here are the pictures of Cura settings (I did try redoing last layer, its does the same). Also, I allways use Babystep Z at start (if it changes anything) and stoped print:

    I tried this color change on simple letters, it did work

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    Have used Cura and Prusa slicer to print multi color prints.

    Have used "Pause at height" and "Tweak At Z 3.0.1 -Tweak At Z 4.0.2".
    In Prusa slicer they have a simple tutorial for a Space X landing platform I used to learn.
    Prusa slicer 2.2 alpha also has Profiles ready for down using Ender 3D Printers. This is the profiles I used on my Ender 3 compatible Hictop 3DP11/3DP12.
    I even download this G-Code and it worked perfectly on my Hictop.

    Landing Pad.jpg

    Cura is OK for quick simple 3D Prints, talking about the first versions Cura 15.04.6.
    The newer versions are quite good, though still missing the Quality of Slic3r and PrusaSlicer 2.2 alpha
    After finally finding the Ender 3 Profile for Slic3r and Prusaslicer 2.2 alpha on Prusa web site. I have a new interest in them, and have been spending time watching you-tube videos referencing the two.
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