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    Printing issue: consistent pattern to deformation in layers

    When I print I get a a slight shifting in the layer but the shift is at a consistent distance 2.5mm. I've attached a picture where you can see what I'm talking about.
    Things I've tried:
    • Rotating 90 degrees to rule out issue with the x/y axis belts
    • Adjusted extruder temperature up and down
    • Oiled the Z axis lead screws

    Nothing has eliminated the issue.
    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    what printer is it ?

    Try and bear in mind that we are NOT in your workshop and have absolutely no idea what you've got or what you've done with it.

    Then starting from that basis - give us as much information as you can.

    Looks like z banding to me and at a rough guess I'd say it's probably an i3 ?

    But ACTUAL information is always going to be better than us having to guess :-)
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    Looking at the Photo it appears to me to also be Z banding.
    More information would be highly appreciated.

    I solved my Z banding problem.
    By applying a single wrap of electricians tape on lead-screw then inserted into the Coupler and connected coupler to the Stepper motor...

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    curious aardvark and Roberts_clif,
    Thank you for your quick replies. After your input I dug in more and after a series of tests found out it was Z-banding but was caused because the feeder gear was worn out and was not able to keep enough tension on the filament. After replacing it, everything started working nicely again.

    Thank you for the insight on not being in my lab ;-) I will be much more conscience of providing better detail in any future posts.
    My actual printer is a Geeetech Pro A ( However, there is very few original parts left on it after all my upgrades. I originally bought it real cheap and only bought it for the solid aluminum frame.
    Again thanks for your help.

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    odd combination nof a wanhao i3 maker mk2 and the creality bowden extruder.

    Have you converted it to direct drive yet ?
    That would be the first thing I'd have done. You've got dual z-axis steppers, so absolutely no reason not to and several to do so :-)
    Should be a s simple as a printed bracket - bound to be one on thingiverse :-)

    Glad we could be of some help.

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    I've done some searching but I'm not 100% sure I completely understand what is a direct drive extruder and how its different from what I have?
    Sorry that this is probably a basic question, I'm still learning a ton about 3d printing.
    Below is what I've upgraded on my printer so far, I would love any additional recommendations for upgrades:
    • TM2208 driver (no serial port)
    • Silicon rubber hotbed heater
    • BL Touch auto bed leveler
    • Higher end, more quiet power supply fan
    • Dry box for active filament
    • Higher end MK8 extruder
    • Upraded Marlin to 2.x


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