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    Order a modern kitchen

    I have long wanted to order a kitchen in a modern style, but I don’t know what styles there should be. On the site I read modern kitchens and learned a lot of useful information about such kitchens. Now I'm thinking of ordering from them. What do you think?

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    I have a new kitchen at home. Our table top is made of MDF, but when I cook, it gets wet. Then we ordered a stone countertop. We chose a beautiful stone, but functional. It is ideal for large and spacious rooms with lots of light and large ceilings. Having finished such a room with granite at, you can get a fantastic effect - designers simply adore it because of such properties and strive to use it everywhere. I would say it's good stuff, but I have to get used to it. When I cut meat, I don't even need coasters, the stone cannot be scratched. It is durable and I save on all consumables and more.
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    It's looking vrey sick!

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    I am very impressed with the photos I see there. I got inspired by this thread to make some changes in my kitchen. For me, it is an essential room in my house. I love to cook, so I spend there a lot of time. The most significant change I've made was the worktop. I ordered a granite one from Quartz Worktops Leeds. I am delighted about it. It's a high-quality one, and they delivered it to me in around 48 hours. The guys from there also installed it. I think that their materials are the best on the market. I am pleased with the choice I made.
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    The images are very good for the products mentioned there

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