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    Post Please help me out with my research paper.

    Hello everybody, I am a design student from Jaipur, India and I have been assigned to write a research paper on the topic - 3D printing.
    If I may please ask 3D printers to fill up this 2 min survey form which would very much help me in the paper.

    Topic - 3D printing survey
    Link -

    Thank you for your time!

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    ' do you think 3d printing is feasible'.
    fesible = a thing that can be done.

    It's a non-question you need to lose it :-)

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    I'd like to help you write this paper. I was lucky enough to get the excellent book "Make: 3D Printing" by Anna Kaziunas France. It has a lot of useful information that will help you in your research. You can also check it out, you'll definitely get help here. I hope my answer will be helpful to you.

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    Hello everybody! I am also currently engaged in training related to 3D printers. I'm completely new to this, so I would like to read your research too, thanks!

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    I think you can buy it online

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