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    3D printer for plumbing

    Hello, I was wondering which 3d printer would be the best for printing plumbing parts such as siphons and gaskets?

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    The printer isn't going to be the determining factor in your goal, I believe, as much as the filament choice will be. 3D printed parts are generally considered to be porous and not watertight unless coated with a sealant of some form. Gaskets imply that the part is going to provide sealing. That requires a flexible filament such as TPU, also known by the brand name NinjaFlex™. There are other flexible filaments on the market. My experience with the flexible filaments is that they will also provide a bit less porosity, but testing and experimentation is indicated.

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    this is really great piece of advice thank you so much

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    For waterproof parts, maybe a resin based printer is more suitable than a filament printer. We have a second hand one for sale right now, good for large pieces, or larger production runs, if this is what you are after:

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    One of my friend has such a printer and creates amazing parts for everything almost, not only for plumbing, so it's a great purchase.

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    This is actually a pretty interesting question. I'd be quite interested in the quality of the finished product. For example, I just had my water heater installation renewed by an amazing team and I wonder if the materials that compose the installation could be of good enough quality if they were 3d printed. Just an interesting concept. I was pretty worried by the whole process, not sure why, but the company that we reached out to take care of the task did an amazing job even in comforting me that it's not a big deal.
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    I needed to know that too. Thank you very much.

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