Live Streaming to an EventShortly before you are ready to begin your stream, you can begin sending video to the Meet & Engage platform from OBS (no participants will see it yet, don’t worry!). This will ‘queue’ the stream ready to publish to the group in the same way as sharing other media in Meet & Engage.Press the ‘Start Streaming’ button on the main window of OBS. The video will appear in the stimulus queue to all moderators. Initially it will show with a spinning cog as below, but will then show a thumbnail taken every 5 seconds.When you are ready to go live – click on the livestream tile in the stimulus queue. The participants will then see your live video!Feel free to share other media like slides, images, polls etc. at the same time as the livestream. When you share these, the livestream video will reduce in size and move to the corner of the window (like a picture-in-picture view) so that the participant can see both at once.When you want to stop streaming, click on the tile in the stimulus queue. This will then unshare the livestream video from the participant’s view.In OBS, click on ‘Stop Streaming’.Hope this helps you.To know more about OBS Streaming visit Apps4Rent today!