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    The Best 3D Scanning Apps

    Hi All,
    Check out the new blog about 3D photo apps for iPhone and Android by Andrew Sink


    Andrew thoroughly reviews TRNIO, Scandy Pro, Qlone and Bellus3D
    (Links to 4 YouTube videos included)

    "These are just a few 3D scanning apps that are available on your smartphone, and there are new ones popping up all the time. The launch of the iPhone 12 with a back-facing LiDAR scanner means there are going to be many more scanning apps launched soon, with an emphasis on both 3D meshes as well as making content for AR platforms. It’s a good idea to get familiar and comfortable with 3D scanning apps, because there’s never been a better time to start scanning than right now in 2020!"
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    well I suspect that in 2021 there will be abetter time to get into scanning from a phone.
    Also 2022 2023 2024, etc.
    At the moment you need a smartphone that costs upwards of $700

    Some of us have more sense and less money :-)

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    I am considering to buy iPhone 12 because of LiDAR system. But TechRadars' blog on subject not convincing. They wrote it is more for app developers than users at this stage.
    "In the meantime, it's fair to say that the LiDAR scanner on the iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro will initially be there to wow developers rather than tech fans."

    And yes, photogrammetry is still good and affordable for capturing objects. It is free and very convenient.
    Blog: Photoscan with a Mobile Phone Camera

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    there have been a coupleof supposed addons for phones that either never get rolled out on more than one model or just never get the software support they need.

    A few years back the next big thing was going to be intels Realsense.
    That seems to have died an ignoble death.
    I had high hopes for that eventually ending up in a cheapish tablet or phone.
    But seesm to have just vanished from the system.

    Lets hope the lidar works - 'cos even at apple's insanely exaggerated prices - if it works, that would be decent price for a GOOD 3d scanner.

    And given how blocky the iphone 12 is - you;re not going to buy one for it's looks or because it's comfortable to hold for hours at an end.

    so the 12 pro - the one with the lidar is £999, and if you actually want to charge it (does not come with charger) then you're paying over £1000 - for a phone.
    If it doesn't work as a 3d scanner - why would you even contemplate it ?
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    Hey, I was having trouble finding a 3D scanning app on my android phone for some time and I didn't know what to do. I have a close friend that suggested I use another website, like instead of google play, since I could find more apps there and maybe find a 3D scanning app too. I looked at various websites like the one above and after some time I finally found an app that could help me with 3D scanning. I suggest you find similar websites if you are having trouble finding these apps.
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    I use 3D Max.

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    Hi all, I am very much interested in the topic of this post. Please tell me how many people really follow your blog. Do you even do it for the money or as a hobby? I used to constantly wonder how to start a personal finance blog, even created a YouTube channel and an instagram account, released a few videos. Unfortunately, it did not go any further. Do you have any advice for those who are starting their own blog? And in general, what about 3ds max, isn't it easier to use and work with it using a PC?
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    Latest: Apple's Object Capture significantly influenced and will influence 3D scanning apps.
    Here is my latest iOS app review:
    Polycam 3D Scanning App Review – LiDAR vs Photo Mode

    Andrew Sink thoroughly tested Revopoint POP - one of the first affordable 3D scanners.
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