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    Exclamation BL touch Mysrtery Problem

    Hello there fellow printermans

    Many days now im trying to figure out an issue with bl touch.Z axis moves( like it's trying to level the bed) while i print but it doesnt get it right.In some corners of the bed surface,nozzle prints to low and vice versa.
    I tried M48 and results are okay and the X axis is almost perfectly calibrated. At cura i use the M29 after M28.Also i tried M420 and there was no difference. Except that i haven't done any changes at cura's g.code.
    My printer is the Ender 3 pro with btt skr V2.0 and i use bl touch smart 3.1. I have tried many marlin versions but the problem remains.

    For the love of god help me.

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    I placed my M420 in Cura's Startup G-Code adding it to the very last line.

    M420 S1 ; Bed Leveling On

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    I used m420 after m28 and m29 , not at the very end of the code. I will try again tho i,thank you.
    Plus i will add the z offset number with the z offset wizard of Merlin. i had it zero untill now ( like the most of YouTubers ) . I hope this make the difference.

    Btw do you know how the " fade " and "mesh" can affect the print ? There are some standard values for this characteristics?
    At one forum i saw that if you have warped bed its good to set the "fade " value between 15-20. Is that right ?

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