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    First printer advice

    Xay nha o ket hop cho thue cung can co giay phep xay dung

    Day la thong tin chinh xac, duoc quy dinh tai Viet Nam. Thi cung giong nhu nhieu cong trinh xay dung khac, nha o ket hop cho thue truoc khi xay dung cung can xin cap phep tu co quan co tham quyen. Vay toan bo trinh tu va thu tuc xin cap giay phep nha o ket hop cho thue gom nhung gi? Chi tiet thong tin co duoc dang tai o day: Tai cac thanh pho, khu do thi su xuat hien cua kieu nha o ket hop cho thue ngay mot nhieu. The nhung, nguoi dan khong the tuy tien xay dung hay sua chua. Truoc khi xay dung hay sua chua nha o kiem van phong, can xin giay phep xay dung, sua nha tai cac co quan co tham quyen. Vay thi khi co giay phep roi, khi thiet ke kien truc thi can luu y dieu gi? Ban xem o day nhe Rat nhieu chu dau tu cung nhu cac kien truc su can luu y khong nen bo qua khi thiet ke xay dung nha o ket hop van phong cho thue.
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    Take a look at the Qidi Tech X-Plus. It meets all of your criteria.

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    I have a Creality Ender 3 Pro, but from what I've heard, the Prusa i3 MK3s is a very good 3D printer.

    The Ender 3 Pro is not a bad printer (I love it, actually), but since you have a fairly high budget, I'd recommend something that's probably more reliable and has more features.

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