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    [Kickstarter] Dungeons factory "Sceneries"

    Good morning to all of you.

    We have not communicated on this forum for a long time, although we have gladly followed its news.
    In fact, we had a lot of activities and work within the Dungeons factory collective.

    We allow ourselves to invade you with the announcement of our new project.
    We thought that this one might interest you, at least arouse your curiosity.

    Of course, if this message is not to find its place on this forum or if you feel it is unwelcome, please excuse us and erase it by cursing our figurines until their fifth generation.

    On December 10, 2019, we launched "The Lost Corridors" on Kickstarter, a set of 3D-printed sets for role-playing and figurine games.
    Our small team based in the south of France owes a lot to its subscribers and we wanted, once again, to thank all the participants in our projects.
    Dungeons Factory was born as a result of the success of this crowdfunding

    Today, we are proud and eager to present our brand new creation.
    His project will be officially launched at the end of October, in crowdfunding.

    Our new baby-dungeon is aimed at rpg gamers as well as modellers, collectors or great lovers of goodies.
    Those who like to paint their figurines.
    Those who are desperately looking for a background setting to showcase their most beautiful work.
    Those who dread slicing problems, complex settings and who like to print without print support (and with any printer, even entry-level).
    Those who do not have room for a diorama but want a display adapted to their universe.

    "The Lost Corridors - Sceneries" is a set of Mini-Dioramas to print in 3D and paint.
    It can incorporate one to three (depending on the models) 25mm role-playing game figurines.

    The parts are delivered in the STL file format, standard for 3D printing.
    It will therefore be necessary to have a 3d printer or to use a service for 3D printing, our first 6 bearings being delivered in virtual.

    For more information, our Facebook page will give you a little more information:
    and our site will soon lift the veil on the full content of the project... pending the official sending of the Kickstarter page.

    Thank you for your attention, we hope that this project will please all lovers of fantastic universes... who also like 3d printing.

    Soon, the adventure continues with "The lost Corridors: Sceneries".

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