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    Thermal Runaway E1

    I am currently building a Hypercube Evolution from a kit that was passed on to me. It uses a BIQU KFB2.0 control board and a 24 volt power supply. I have no prior experience in 3D printing.

    I was getting to the end of the build. Everything was working. I was testing every component as I added it using Pronterface. I have not covered the aluminium heated bed with anything as I did not want to cause problems for the the induction sensor (used as Z Min endstop). The induction sensor has a 4mm range for ferrous metal and less for aluminium. I was intending to print on blue tape.

    One website I visited suggested using feeler gauges as a better choice when levelling the bed. So I did. What I did not know is that both the hotend and the bed have power running to the outer surface. I found out when a feeler gauge touched the bed and the hotend at the same time. Since then, my LCD display gives the message "Thermal Runaway E1 press reset". I have pressed reset on the control board to no avail. Short press, long (5 and 10 seconds) and double press. None of which work. I have disconnected the hotend and it's thermistor from the control board. I have tried using another thermistor, but to no avail. Pronterface, when trying to connect, gives the following two lines:

    "Error: Thermal Runaway, system stopped! Heater_ID: 0
    Error: Printer halted, kill() called!"

    I have also re-compiled Marlin using Auto Build Marlin and uploaded to the board, still the error persists. Anybody any idea how to fix this problem?

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    Found out. Board is dead. Had to buy a new one.

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