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    Older Creater Pro but wont feed in new filiment

    OK I have a very clean older dual filament printer. When I bought it it had filament already fed into the extruder heads. I have been printing out of both heads just great. I now want to change the left extruder filament. I performed just as the menu tells me to but it will not feed the new filament through the extruder.

    I feed in the new filament and the feeder grabs it and pulls it in, then it suddenly just stops pulling. I can feel the motor still driving. This is up to temperature (225C for ABS) but it just stops. going and the motor keeps going. I have re-cut the end several times ( I have tried angled and straight cuts) and continued pushing the material to the point it snapped in my hand. If I press the release lever I can pill it out and re-feed and it grabs and all then stops. I have tried twisting the new filament to no avail.

    Any ideas as to what I should do?

    Thank you.


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    I have done more checking. I cannot even get the original red filament to feed. I did also check the filament size and they are both 1.70mm.

    When I first attempted to feed in the new filament I did what I do with my other printers and cut the filament at the motor and then just follow it into the unit. I have never had this fail on me before. I then went through the procedure as outlined in the manual. I am still at nothing.

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    sounds like you need to do the ptfe tubing mod.
    just about the first thing I did with both my rep clones was to take the extruder apart and insert shoirt lengths of p[tfe tubing between the input ands gears and the output and the hot end feed.
    The filament is probebly just not lining up on the gear feed.

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    Again you come to my aid. Thank you. I will remove the fan and get into the feeder and look at that today. I will post photos and results as I go through this.

    I other printers I have always been able to twist the filament and get them to feed in other printers but this one just, nothing. I was holing that there was an "Oh its just this" kind of thing.

    At least now I have it in the correct forum title.

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    Well as soon as I took it apart is was clear. A small piece of filament had broken off and was stuck sideways blocking the entry hole in to the hot end. Damnit I should have just took it apart and looked. It is working great now. I cleaned it and the teeth on the drive gear and tested it to perfection. I am going to do a dual head print as a full test in a few minutes.

    Thank you again Aardvark for your wisdom.

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    experience rather than wisdom.
    And do the ptfe mod anyway. It's simple and effective - I'll look for pics - probably got some somewhere.
    that way when you come to flexible prints, you'll be ready :-)

    dual printing with a rigid filament and a flexible filament is pretty cool :-)

    My wooden creator lasted for about 5 years before I mothballed it - so seen most of the issues you get with them - few as it is.
    I think once i did the extruder, the only issues I ever had were down to bed adhesion and the printbite pretty much fixed that.
    They are just a great little work horse.
    Not fats, but great quality and a a good dual extrusion setup.

    Oh yeah one thing that is an issue. The filament - particularlly on full spools - can come loose and wind it's way around the support tube at the back.
    making silament holderas that put the spools up above the printer is the best solution.
    I never got round to it and having to reach round behind the printer to check it hadn;t happened - was always a pain.

    Unfortunately my current replicator clone (klic-n-print) is made of moulded steel and I have yet to work out adecent way to mount the easier to get at spool holders as i really don't want to drill holes in it.
    With the plywood frame - you can just screw bits on :-)

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