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    CR10s constantly pausing

    Hi guys,

    I am a very new 3D printer. Have less than 10 prints under my belt. Everything was going well until very recently. I am using a creality cr10s and cura slicer. Up until this afternoon I was using the latest stable release of cura. My prints have started to pause randomly. Sometimes it is hours in to a print, sometimes after printing the skirt. All my display says is Print Paused. I can resume my print but sometimes it will continue to pause after each level. I was not experiencing this issue before I updated the cura app. This afternoon I uninstalled and did a fresh install of cura 4.6.0 which I believe is what I was running when I first got my printer set up. Re-sliced my model and loaded the code into the machine via sd card. It printed the raft and then paused immediately. After a little youtube searching I saw some people having issues with their filament run out sensor. I just unplugged that and started my print again. It is still on the first layer so fingers crossed.

    I am hoping some kind soul here can help me out. I am a little out of my depth with 3d printing. I am a cnc machinist by trade and this seemed like a really cool hobby to get into. I was trying to teach myself and, up until last week everything was going well.

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    runout sensors are pretty much pointless.
    Partiaularly the ones based on endstops - which is most likely what you have.
    The slicer will tell you how much filament you'll use. Look at the spool - do you have enough ?
    if yes: print
    if no: change spool and then print.
    That's pretty much it.

    Now if you had the fancy optical sensor that actually checked the filament was moving, they are useful as they will detect more common issues like blocked nozzles or dodgy extruders.

    But the best thing you can do with standard mechanical endstop based 'run out' sensors, is to salvage the spare endstop (they are useful) and just not plug it in.
    It serves no useful purpose.

    The other possible culprits for your problem would be a cheap sd card. Most cheap printers ship with nasty fake sd cards that are best thrown away and replaced with a decent actual brand.
    And also if you are printing over a usb cable - the cables the machines ship with are also best disposed of - any cable from a pound shop or buck store will be better quality :-)

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