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Thread: My First CoreXY

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    Martin. Did you just call the Mod of this forum a 'rando on the internet'? I guess I shouldn't be surprised right? I mean disrespect and being rude sure does seem to be your thing. If it keeps up in my build thread I bet I can get that rando on the internet to make the last couple of utterly irrelevant pages that have soiled my build thread just go away. So how's about climbing down off that high horse and understanding we all have brains, too. And the focal point of this thread is supposed to be the printer I am building and not the level of intelligence you wish you had.

    Perhaps it might better help you to understand in your life that people are generally impressed to see their own intelligence shine through and not others. So when you enter a room and immediately try to discredit everyone else's intellectual level and prop yourself up as the smartest in a room you actually achieve the polar opposite result and land with a group of people taking about that dumb a$$hole behind your back. And that's some free advice that believe me is hard to give after everything on Facebook there, Martin.

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    We're all randos on the internet.

    I get you don't like criticism, but you also invite it. For example, you posted about the bondtech/mosquito. I really like that config, and said so, and mentioned that the Dragon and the Mosquito, being quite similar in design are much better than the V6. You then posted incorrect information - that the Dragon needed a groove mount - which I informed you was incorrect. That seems to be the start of our current disagreement.

    Are you suggesting that I should not post correct information? Is the point of the forum to spread incorrect information?

    Likewise with Aardvark's volumetric numbers. Surely if someone claims that they can print PLA with a volumetric rate of 2-3x the empirically derived values, doesn't that warrant investigation? If they have some trick that makes it work, then surely that information would be useful. If it turns out that their estimation was not valid - perhaps due to unrecognised firmware or software limits - then that is also useful.

    On one hand, yes it sucks having someone critique you. But at the same time, you guys have been in the 3D printing for a while, and others look to you for good and correct information.

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