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    Ender 5 Pro alarm going off failed to home please reset error

    I put together a Ender 5 Pro printer. Immediately after building, the alarm went off after installation of newest firmware. The printer will power up, load a program, heat up and then, nothing. Printer Halted, Failed to home, Please reset!! ERROR!!, Please HELP!!

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    Have you tried reverting to "as delivered" software!

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    I’ve tried everything. I found a bin on creality’s website but it makes the extruder motor run backwards. The filament moves away from extruder head!!

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    Your printer cannot finish homing procedure.

    This procedure require correct orientation of stepper motors and endstop logic.

    Stepper motor direction per axis you can check from LCD.
    If the stepper (/s) direction is reversed you need to either recompile Marlin firmware with changes or simply change motor cable pins order in the connector ( 1-2-3-4 -> 4-3-2-1 ).

    If the endstop logic is wrong easiest way is to connect printer to a computer and access terminal (from software such as pronterface or Cura's monitor).

    Then write into terminal command "M119" and it will show their current status:
    - if not engaged endstop status should be "OPEN",
    - when engaged status should be "TRIGGERED".

    If you encounter problems with endstops check any faulty wires to be sure.

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