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    CanaKit Raspberry

    So I received from Amazon delivery a complete CanaKit basic starter kit along with a Samsung 128gb micro SD card. The only problem is, I didn't order either item. They just showed up on my doorstep, addressed to me. I am interested in attaching a Raspberry to my printer and was planning to purchase one eventually, but one just appeared.

    I contacted Amazon to try and find the origin of the package and they won't/can't provide any information. They did tell me that sometimes companies will send merchandise to Amazon customers to get reviews.

    I purchased an Anycubic i3 Mega back in August and thought maybe they were behind the delivery. Or perhaps Polymaker of whom I purchased some filament.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    Mystery solved. No need to reply to this post!
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    yeah but now I really wnat to know where it came from :-)

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    Funny story actually. I was informed earlier last week that my IT guy in Texas was going to be sending me a package this weekend, although I had know idea what he was sending. I only knew it was something that he wanted to put onto my LAN here in Vegas to help him monitor and troubleshoot our network issues. So the Raspberry Pi was sent by him.

    Hopefully when we're done using it for out network I can hook it up to my printer.

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