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    Stratasys UPrint SE - filaments / 3rd party / colors

    I just picked up a Stratasys Uprint SE. It's a beautiful machine, very easy to use. But it appears that it may be the most expensive 3D printer to operate, based on filament pricing. This uses an EEPROM in the canister to track spool usage, which is awesome. But compatible spools are $125 each or more.
    There are 3rd party EEPROM re-programmers, which are a great deal - IF there is compatible 3rd party filament that will work. This is question #1. Does anyone have experience using non-Stratasys filament in a UPrint SE?
    Another odd thing I see, and I'm not 100% sure of this one, is that it appears that the SE model can ONLY use the ivory / natural color filament. The SE Plus model allows colored filaments. Does anyone know if there is something about the colors that makes it incompatible with the nozzles / heat settings / ?
    I expect that if I purchased a Stratasys filament in a color, the EEPROM would tell the machine, and maybe it would not allow it. But if I find a good 3rd party filament alternative, and can re-program the EEPROM, does anyone know if colored filament might cause any problems?

    Summary of questions:
    1. is there a 3rd party filament that will work in my Stratasys Uprint SE?
    2. is there any reason that a colored filament would be a problem in this machine?

    Since this machine is new to me, any other tribal wisdom is welcome!

    Thanks in advance -

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    That's one of the less desirable aspects of 3D printing, when a manufacturer creates a proprietary system forcing one to purchase only that product line. The Cube3 was like that, about US$150 per kilo. You might be able to locate a conversion of the controller board to make it more "universal."

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    It can depend on the actual material - but if the machine is using standard pla - then yes you can use any colour.
    Stratasys are just after your money.

    The eeprom reprogrammer sounds like the very first thing I would do.
    If you have control of the printing temperatures in your slicer - then no you are not limited to just stratasys material.

    3d printers are pretty simple beasts.
    You heat stuff up and push it through a nozzle. As long as you have control over the temperatures used to 'heat stuff up' you have control ove the materials you can use.
    It is that simple.

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    The Stratasys Uprint SE is an excellent printer. The build volume is a bit small by today's standards, but print quality is superb. I believe that it can only print ABS. The Stratasys support material works better than any other I've tried, but needs a weak solution of sodium hydroxide (lye) to dissolve it. I don't know if it's possible to reprogram the EEPROM. You might be able to wind another company's 1.75mm ABS on a Stratasys spool. Other companies sell Stratsys compatible filament in a variety of colors at a lower cost than Stratasys, but it's still not cheap. Here's one that sells colored ABS that they say works in both the SE and the SE Plus:

    I just noticed this FAQ that shows how to wind new filament onto a Stratasys spool:
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    Follow up on this. I have used a few different brands of aftermarket ABS with no issues at all.

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