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    CR-10 + BLTouch 3.1 bed leveling problems

    Hello again,

    I'm having more problems with our CR-10. In my last post I was able to successfully flash Marlin 1.1.6 and had it printing beautifully for awhile.

    Now, I can't seem to successfully complete the ABL routine. When I put it through its paces it does one of several things:

    1. It successfully completes the routine (this is rare and usually takes a dozen or so attempts)

    2. It picks a random point, the BLTouch starts flashing, and the readout displays "Probing Failed." At this point I power cycle and try again.

    3. It will "complete" the routine but it will have skipped one or more points along the way, so my bedlevel mesh will have a random high spot where the nozzle returns to the default Z=0 height without Z offset while printing.

    Any ideas? I'm running a 4x4 grid with slow "accurate" double touch enabled.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I decided to power it up and let it do a self test using a variable power supply adjusted to 5volts, it failed the test with light flashing and blinking non stop the pin refused any movement except to flutter uncontrollably and never successfully completed any part of the self test. It was as though it was struggling to operating with reduced power.

    I downloaded the online manual from Verifying that the supply voltage needed was indeed 5volt @ 300mA max current.

    3D Touch.jpg

    I decided to try to adjust the supply voltage just a little to 5.6 Volts input now it started to act like it was designed,
    although the supply voltage was no longer at the recommended voltage of 5volts.

    And if they do not work I will be designing my own touch switch. As I found this one Here on Thingiverse

    Including many links to all his resources.
    This was my 1st testing of a 3D Touch so I am assuming that the components are out of specs causing the device to not operate correctly at 5volts.
    I would like it if you could post a short video of the way your BL touch operates, this could be a similar problem and help in diagnosing your problem.

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    I'll do that when I get a chance. As it stands right now, I was able (on the 20th or so try) to complete the ABL routine and now have a functional mesh saved in the printer. I kinda don't want to mess that up until I have to.

    When there's a sufficient break in our printing schedule I'll get a video of the issues.


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