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    Tronxy XY-2 Pro good for a newbie??

    I know nothing about 3D printing, but I'm looking for my 1st 3d printer and I think I want the Tronxy XY-2 Pro.I've got some questions I hope someone can answer. Sorry is these questions seem dumb, but I'm new to this.Based on my limited research on this printer, it seems it's a slow printer, at least on paper, and it can't print in TPU, can that be changed? What's the limiting factor that would prevent someone from printing in TPU or some other material? It seems the extruder and bed temp seem high enough that it should be able to print in most anything. Is it worth the difference in cost to get the titan extruder? How about a direct drive extruder? BTW, is there a better printer at similar cost I should look at? I was thinking about the Ender 3 Pro, but being new, I really like the idea of having an auto leveling bed.Thanks!
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    looking at it and reading a few reviews the tronxy is a slightly larger version of the ender 3 v2.
    If you are a beginner who wants to do a lot of upgrading and modifying - then yeah this style of printer is ideal for you.

    If you want something cheap that will work adequately out of the box and work exceptionally, with a few simple modifications - then avoid all the cheap creality design i3's.

    having had some time with my towtrees sapphire pro 2 - I can definitely recommend it as a machine for anyone. beginner or experienced.

    I ended up printing three items that turned it into a direct drive printer and changing the firmware.
    Literally just copying some files to an sd card and turning the printer on

    It's almost totally silent - faster than my delta, with better precision. Built like a tank and really well designed.
    The corexy system is a lot easier to setup than you think.
    And the build volume at 235x235x235 is pretty decent. It's big enougn to make full face helmet in one piece.
    I've seen them for sale between $250-300

    If you can afford it the sapphire plus is even better.

    But it's probably the best of my 6 machines and defintiely the fastest - it will print a smoothly working iris box at 100mm/s - twice as fast as my delta can make one.
    I'm currently trying one at 150mm/s.

    basically an amazing machine at a low price :-)

    Tronxy make almost the same model as well.

    Things to look for in a decent corexy: industrial linear rails, THC silent stepper motor drivers, dual drive extruder. hotend that goes up to 285c.

    They all look like the same basic design - so my mods should work for them all.
    basically I printed a bracket to convert it to a direct drive extruder and then an elevated angled filement mount that reduces friction and gives tangle free low puil filament feeding.
    Oh and made my bed levelling knobs with locking nuts. That way you calibrate the bed once - and then pretty much never again :-)

    Oh yeah and I did upgrade one thing - I added a microsd card to full size sd card adaptor - i just don't get on with microsd cards. Plus I've got no end of old small sdcards lying around the place. And even a 512mb sd card will hold dozens of prints.

    It's a really easy machine to build and while the cable management takes a little thought - it was way easier than my i3.

    Short of my replicator pro, which just needed a print area cooling duct. This is the printer that's needed the least modifications and no actual 'upgrades' should ever be necessary.

    To qualify that I see 'modifications' as things you print yourself that just improve certain design issues.
    Whereas 'upgrades' are new components that you buy to replace existing hardware.

    Modifications are usually dirt cheap and home made while upgrades cost more and are generally bought :-)
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    Thank you very much for the very detailed help!
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    The Tronxy XY-2 Pro was the first printer I ever built. The kit is well designed and easy to assemble. If you are new to 3D printing, this is a great starter printer. It's strong and very reliable.I like the heated bed, which makes it possible to print with ABS filament right out of the box, without having to get an extra heated bed made.The XY-2 Pro is a great choice for anyone looking to get into 3D printing without breaking the bank. I recommend this printer for beginners, advanced users, and those looking to get into 3D printing as a hobby.
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